My Winter Window

by Brent Ratkovich

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My Winter Window is an album I put together myself. Recorded in my living room in late 2007 through spring 2008.


released March 1, 2008

All songs written and arranged by Brent Ratkovich (except) Fog written by Radiohead
All guitars, vocals and piano performed by Brent Ratkovich
Violin on Letter to Myself by Max Haft.
ratahoota records
copyright 2008
all rights reserved




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Track Name: Sunlight

The grey sky,
had it’s own corner in my eye
Promise of the day
It would break
and fade away
Stepping into light,
to breathe in new life
It shines inside of you
Waking up to fear,
from this change
It’s like holding up a mirror
The purest part of me,
you set free, you set free
With you in my life,
these days are so bright
with sunlight
You brought it here with you

Brent Ratkovich
Copyright 2006
Track Name: First Rain
First Rain

From night to day
The summer fades but the
memories stay with me
It brings a smile
Soon I’ll be coming home
The bright reds and the
golds display for miles,
each gorgeous mile
The smell of rain,
brings a dream of nights
spent wrapped with you
It’s good to know,
the warmth and the glow
In ember’s gentle light
as thunder rolls,
calling me home
And I can’t wait to get home
A daydream’s not the same
as coming home,
coming home

Brent Ratkovich
Copyright 2008
Track Name: Turn Around
Turn Around

It's the tortured soul who knows
The ticket taker is at your door
Change the channel
change your view,
but hope just turns to stone in you
What we can't see we fear the most
Will our children live like ghosts?
Prophet's scream
The proof’s been found
Is it to late to turn around?
Turn around

Brent Ratkovich
Copyright 2008
Track Name: Day by Day
Day by Day

Open to see
what lies in me
and what I don't understand
Bringing the past
to life again
to sort the truth
from the pain
Day by day,
miles away
Trying to share
but caught unaware
by emotions finally free
Forcing me to feel
these wounds that never heal
To turn around
and live today
Letting go,
day by day
Setting free,
the love in me

Brent Ratkovich
Copyright 2008
Track Name: Letter to Myself
Letter To Myself

It's not enough,
to live our lives today
and leave it all to trust
Conditioned now to say,
don't see how I can help,
It's just so far away
I give a sigh then I tell a lie,
to myself
There's no easy way
Denial that's handed down,
explains it all away
We blame it on the times
"They’re on their knees again,
when will they see the light?"
We hear the cries and we sell the lies
When will we stop to wonder why,
within ourselves?
Where is the love,
within ourselves?
Where is the love,
within myself?

Brent Ratkovich
Copyright 2008
Track Name: What's it For?
What’s it For?

There's something here,
that's out of place
Wrapped in the fear,
and blinding faith
One more voice here in the fold,
feeling helpless, feeling cold
What's it for?
What's it for?
We closed the door
on what life was before
Forever changed
We're searching for
our innocence in vain
Another year has gone away
A Mother's fear, is still day to day
Another son will fall and die,
all because they sold a lie
So what's it for?
What's it for?
We closed the door
on what life was before
The promise fades
Determined to,
relive mistakes we've made
We never wanted war
What's it all for?

Brent Ratkovich
Copyright 2008
Track Name: My Winter Window
My Winter Window

Waking up,
what survived inside of me
Through this open window,
I'm learning what it means
To be this close
and trust I'll find a way
to bring the light into the dark
A winter with no secrets
A story to be told
Wrapped inside this freedom,
its truth can be so cold
It strips you down
and helps you find a
way to seize the moment
from a spark
Waking up
To see myself
Waking up
To free myself
Waking up
To be myself
This voice in me,
well it’s finally free

Brent Ratkovich
Copyright 2008