by Brent Ratkovich

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During the last few years I put together demos that would ultimately be the main bulk of my latest release "Smiling". Combined with a few of my favorite tracks from my previous CDs, Smiling offers a wide range of all original material and is the best I can offer as a singer, songwriter and performer. For this effort I pulled out all the stops! Once again I called my dear friend Adam Sullivan to help me create my most professional endeavor yet. The quality of these recordings is beyond what I could have ever hoped for! Ten tracks that span 8 years of songwriting. I hope you enjoy "Smiling" as much as I have!


released July 1, 2014

All songs written and arranged by Brent Ratkovich

Cello arrangement written by Brent Ratkovich & Adam Sullivan
All guitars performed by Brent Ratkovich
All vocals performed by Brent Ratkovich
All Keys performed by Brent Ratkovich
Bass guitar on Alive by Nathan Alfaro
Bass guitar on Reach for Things by Jason Reed
Bass guitar on Smiling by Adam Sullivan
Percussion for Alive by Paul Bertolino
Percussion for Smiling by Steve DuBois
Percussion for Reach for Things by Steve DuBois
Cello on Notes by Marica Petrey

Recorded @ Great Magnet Studio, Santa Rosa CA. November 2013 thru May 2014
Engineered and Mixed by Adam Sullivan
Produced by Adam Sullivan and Brent Ratkovich

Mastered by Justin Weis @ Trakworx Studio,
San Francisco CA.

Smiling is dedicated to the memory of
Stacie Lynn Freeman Roe 1969 to 2014

ratahoota records
Copyright 2014 all rights reserved




Brent Ratkovich Sacramento

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Track Name: Smiling

Blue blue sky, ain't the reason,
I feel so high
Cuz you came around
Now you see my, feet won't seem to,
touch the ground
Cuz you're with me, smiling, smiling
And with this day, this feeling is gonna stay
Gonna stay yeah
Now it's been so long, since I felt a,
a love this strong
When you called on me, I couldn't find a,
not a song to sing
But now you see, I'm smiling, smiling
And if we try, the sun will stay in our sky
In our sky yeah
So please just stay
The night's had it's fill of castaways
We can take our time and we can make
our own sunshine
I know I saw you, smiling
I think you caught me, smiling

Brent Ratkovich
copyright 2014
Track Name: Notes

Leaving notes to say hello
I take my place among the headlight souls
There's no other way
I shelve my dreams another day
So I'm running
To find my way back to you
To win your grace each and every day
Cheating time is just a game I play
Gone are the days with time to spare
I feel more alive but I'm still so damn scared
Like the tides that turn
There's always lessons to be learned
So I'm running
To find my way back to you
To feel your warmth in me another day
And I'll keep running
Just to re-connect with you
Cuz in your heart you know I'll always stay
Cheating time is just a game we play
When will I see things another way?
When will I, make my peace with choices made
Cheating time is just a game I play
Though in time I know I'll find
a way......
Cheating time is just a game I play

Brent Ratkovich
copyright 2014
Track Name: Street Ghost
Street Ghost

Gather around the lost and found
Just pickin' through the souls
Just pickin' through the souls
Maybe you'll find some broken crowns
Another time left cold
A story untold
The street ghost can't be saved.....
what you won't see can't be saved
I’m Gonna be a Grandfather this year,
he told me with a smile......
he let that hang awhile
I've been out here so long, there's nothin' left to fear
Just knowin’ that I'm here,
can’t you see I'm still here?
The street ghost has a name....
a story and a name
And I'll never be the same
A story and a name
A story and a name

Brent Ratkovich
copyright 2014
Track Name: The Answers
The Answers

Just below the surface is hard to stay
Where can I go?
When I'm holding my breath every day
You wake me up with kisses
and your sweet smile
It takes it's toll, when the silence has lived with us awhile
And I still don'r have the answers today
Bringing back the dreamer who kept me young
It's like I know, this second chance could be the one
But I still don't have the answers
I'm still asking the questions
Still every day, you are there
And it's my greatest fear, that the answers,
just aren't here

Brent Ratkovich
copyright 2014
Track Name: Finding Our Way
Finding Our Way

Woke up with my heart in backwards
Through broken blinds the sky was trying to light
Shouldn't have said what I said to you
Even if the words I felt came out right
We're just finding our way
We're just finding our way
Her blonde hair still cupped in her shoulder
Eyes wet where the tears still had to fade
Counting the sighs between the sunrise
She turned to me and asked me if we're gonna be ok
We're just finding our way
We're just finding our way

Brent Ratkovich
copyright 2014
Track Name: So Long Ago
So Long Ago

Searching for another way
This key doesn't fit in any door
Hiding out in the dreams you have
Will they see the light of day?
Holding on to your stories
With the lies you were told
If only love could erase the pain,
you'd kill it before you'd ever know
It always seems just one step away
A bleeding heart can never grow
To turn the page in this story,
you need to find some love within
Cuz it was so long ago
It was so long ago
And I know it's a part of you
Will your heart ever forgive you?

Brent Ratkovich
copyright 2014
Track Name: Reach for Things
Reach for Things

I only see you in my head
I wanna feel you in my bed
Just when the light breaks, over you
This fire will frame this, for a fool
But I don’t know I don’t know why,
I reach for things that lie

It’s when the tip breaks, in your hand
It only makes sense, from where I stand
Shuffle the night through, to one more day
Punching the light through, a world of clay
Well I can’t live this lord I’ve tried,
illusions that play and hide

Reach for things
Reach for things
Lookin’ for light oh,
reach for things
Reach for things
Reach for things

Brent Ratkovich
copyright 2014